Local Wonders & Activities

Narçiçeği Hotel Çıralı Hotel narcicegi01Just a short walk from Çıralı are the ancient Greek ruins of Olympos. These centuries old structures deep in the forest are a great escape from the modern world we live in

There are also several daily boat tours that sail along the coast. These usually take all day and give you an unmatched perspective of this glorious coastline.

Among the attractions available to the lucky few who venture here are great trecking routes, long beautiful beaches and numerous other natural splendours. The most intriguing of these natural treasures is definitely the nightly spectacle of the natural fire "springs" emerging from the mountainside. This is a natural wonder that can't be missed.

Narçiçeği Hotel Çıralı Hotel narcicegi12Narçiçeği Hotel Çıralı Hotel narcicegi02